Monday, June 17, 2013

The eye

A hole had appeared in the wall. It was a about three inches wide. The wall disappeared over the horizon behind him and  beyond the horizon in front of him. It rose so high  that he could not see its top. It was made of  black granite. He looked through the hole which reached  to the other side of the wall, a matter of four feet. Staring back at him was an eye. It was the eye of a living creature. Its iris expanded as his own eye greeted it. A mammal's eye, he thought. Or perhaps even a human eye. He watched it and it watched him. In the silence he heard a sound as though the owner of the eye was trying to sniff at the hole.

His eye to the hole he waited until without warning the eye vanished completely. In its place remained only a circle of sky.  He hoped that the eye would return. He listened for a sniff. He sniffed at the hole himself.  But soon  he realised that he would have to wait a long time, if ever, to see the eye again. 


  1. It is most interesting how much suspense is concentrated within these two short paragraphs. It is a funny, scary and existential story. You could take it on the surface or see meanings in it. Either way it continues to haunt after reading.

  2. I like this very much, with it's uneasy, dreamlike spaces and images. Existential, as Lucas says.

    I fell behind here with the cat's tale, but have now sent all three parts to the Kindle and will catch up with it at leisure!